Portugal Tightens Border Restrictions & Bars UK Travellers

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Portugal Tightens Border Restrictions & Bars UK Travellers

Portugal Tightens Border Restrictions With Other EU Member States

Portugal tightens travel restrictions again - Only Essential Travel Allowed

UK Travellers Barred From Portugal - Expected Loosening Of travel Delayed

Portugal tightens border restrictions with other EU member states - Quarantine & Restrictions Put In Place

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0:00 - Portugal Tightens Border Restrictions & Bars UK Travellers

01:29 - Portugal tightens border restrictions with other EU member states

On 29 March, the Portuguese government extended and tightened border restrictions along with other European Union member states as the continent battles the third wave of COVID-19 infection.

Portugal's Interior Ministry said that people coming from EU countries where the incidence rate is over 500 cases per 100,000 population may only enter for essential business with a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

This covers 11 EU member states:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland and Sweden.

Travellers from EEA countries where the incidence rate is greater than 150 per 100,000 are allowed only for essential trips but do not need to observe a quarantine.

Essential travel without quarantine:
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland.

These new measures are to last until at least April 16.

02:49 - Allowed Travellers to Portugal

All passengers, whether by land or air, must present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours.

Those who have not taken one will have to have one done at the airport, at their own expense.

Flights from Brazil and the United Kingdom continue to be suspended except for repatriation flights.

Once in the country, travellers are expected to abide by the same COVID-19 restrictions as citizens.

Currently, travel is prohibited between different areas of the country.

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